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Point Blank Track Breakdown: Raye – ‘Natalie Don’t’ (Punctual Remix)


Point Blank are back with another Track Breakdown, this time with DJ/producer duo Punctual, to unveil the magic behind their remix of ‘Natalie Don’t’ for the globally acclaimed singer-songwriter, Raye.

Comprising Will Lansley and John Morgan, the British DJ/producer duo Punctual have racked up millions of plays on Spotify alone thanks to their infectious club tracks – not to mention received support from the likes of Zane Lowe/Beats1, BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong, Phil Taggart, Danny Howard, Scott Mills and others. The pair have performed globally, gracing the likes of Glastonbury, Lovebox, Mysteryland and more with their DJ sets, as well as touring with legendary artists like Jonas Blue, the Avalanches, Fatboy Slim and collaborating with Steve Aoki. Now, signed to the giant Polydor Records, the future for Punctual is looking brighter than ever.

Follow on below to learn some of the London-based duo’s go-to creative techniques and mixing and mastering tips. Want in-depth insights into music production or DJing, singing, songwriting, music business and more? Then check out Point Blank’s online and Los Angeles programmes. Plus, get 25% off selected online and LA courses before their offer ends on 18th April with the codes: ONLINE25 and LA25.

During the video, the duo gives insight into how they usually go about remixing tracks and how they take a great deal of inspiration from the vocal. They kick things off by running through the sounds they used for their self-confessed favourite remix of all time. In addition, they drop some hot tips on how it’s often useful to keep your go-to sounds consistent within your music to help cement your musical identity, as well as the importance of making your track more mono in the build-ups so you can widen things out at the drop, providing a grander feel. They move onto the mixing process, detailing the importance of getting your drums sounding tight, first and foremost, so you’re aware of how the other elements should fall into place and can remove the frequencies you don’t need from your mix. To finish off, Punctual give a golden tip on how to make your tracks feel more energetic using tactical volume automation.