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Track Breakdown: See How DONKONG Made the Epic Serum Lead from ‘Gone’ for Point Blank


Point Blank are back with another Track Breakdown, this time with the German DJ production outfit, DONKONG. For this tutorial, the duo shows exactly how they made that epic chord synth from the drop of their track, ‘Gone’ with Karol Tip.

DONKONG are championed for their forward-thinking sound and consistent quality. The duo has become an anchor point of the German bass music scene and beyond with releases on Confession, Punks, Gold Digger, Saturate, Next Level, Play Me and more. Since kicking off their musical project, their taste and skills in songwriting and sound design have brought international focus to their work.

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In a first for Point Blank track breakdowns, DONKONG’s DAW of choice is Bitwig. Although this differs slightly from Ableton and Logic, the principles remain the same. During the video, the duo shares some creative techniques they use to easily write euphoric sounding dance chords using route notes and thirds. They then fire up Serum and explore the instrument they created revealing their go-to wavetables (and where they’re from) and how they tailored a preset to sound unique and exciting. To add the finishing touches to their chord synth they run through the effects processing which pushes the sound to the next level and explain how they made their sub hit hard.