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Vivienne Chi & Harry Shadow Perform Their New Single ‘Dreams’ for Point Blank


Point Blank Music School’s in-house record label, Point Blank Recordings returned last month with a brand new single, ‘Dreams’, from Vivienne Chi and Harry Shadow. Now, the artists have teamed up once again to deliver a live reimagining of the track in Point Blank’s Studio One.

This dream collaboration came to fruition when Ferocious Talent’s Vivienne Chi and up and coming producer Harry Shadow, who are both Point Blank students, joined forces in the studio. The new track is a fresh reimaging of the Fleetwood Mac classic of the same name and sees the pair breathe new life into the nostalgic anthem for the new generation. ‘Dreams’ is available now on all streaming platforms. 

If you’d like to gain access to Point Blank’s state-of-the-art studios for live performances, tutorials and collaboration be sure to check out their line of courses.