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Watch a Tutorial on Harmonic Mixing Tips & Tricks w/ Point Blank’s Lead DJ Instructor Ben Bristow


The ever-advancing world of DJ software has thrown out some brilliant tools in recent years, with software allowing more granular detail into the make-up of tracks. While Luddites decry the end of ‘proper DJing’, you and us, dear reader, know the truth. The truth is that these platforms and functions free up time and headspace to get even more creative with DJ sets. Rekordbox and Traktor have made it easier than ever to beatmatch tracks and, rather than sap the art form of creativity, all manner of quick mixing styles and live remixing have been made possible.
Algorithms have also been tasked with analysing the harmonic make-up of tracks which, if you’re interested in long, deep mixes or tuneful acapella blends, make harmonic mixing more available to those without perfect pitch. One piece of software that had a big impact on this is Mixed in Key.
Following a recent update to the software, our lead DJ Instructor Ben Bristow dived in for a short tutorial on how best to use the software for harmonic mixing. Check out the video below and check out Point Blank’s full range of DJ courses to find out how you can develop your own DJ skills, whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to increase your knowledge.
After some initial housekeeping tips, to ensure your tracks and playlists continue to function across the different software you may be using, Ben gets stuck into the basic principle of Mixed in Key. The software makes harmonic mixing the easiest it can be by utilising circle of fifths, the theory that the first and fifth notes in a scale tend to sound good together. Using a wheel-shaped visualisation, you can use the key codes that the software generates to see what tracks fit snugly together or move from two tracks your desperate to play without any jarring transitions. Ben demonstrates its use by mixing an instrumental and an acapella. We’re sure you’ll agree it works nicely!
As well as being Point Blank’s lead DJ instructor, Mr Bristow develops much of their DJ course content, ensuring courses like Complete DJ remain firmly on the pulse of the latest DJ techniques. On the subject of DJ courses, the inaugural term of their new BA (Hons) in Music Production and DJ Practice starts in September! For more information, or to book a tour of the facilities (including the fully-equipment Pioneer DJ associated DJ Suite) contact them on +44 20 7729 4884.