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Seoul’s Leevisa sculpts an off-kilter club music eulogy on ‘Koreography’. Hear the duelling breakbeats, field recordings and ravey bass bursts of ‘Indoor Labor’ now

Leevisa will release a new EP, ‘Koreography’, via Toronto label Perpetual Care next month. 

Presented a sort of eulogy to the artist, with an accompany...

Are you havin' a bobble?

Pom pom actually bobble hats. But pom pom will do. Loving Levis version on the classic.

Nicolás Jaar, KMRU, UNIIQU3, GAIKA and Shannen SP are among the artists taking part in the online event

Unsound has shared the full programme for this year's virtual festival.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 18th edition of Poland's Unsound festival, which is held...

Clap your eyes together for the Levis phone, bikers rock, tweed and more...

HOW TWEED… Yes siree folks… Whilst we're out there snooping for fashion leanings and tempting trends - we couldn't help but notice that tweed and...

Xpress 2 give us the ups on their sense of fashion.

X-Press 2
(AB Ashley Beedle, D Diesel, R Rocky)

What are you wearing right now?

AB: A Stussy T-Shirt and Vintage Levi cut downs.

Cazzette gives us exclusive wardrobe access

Cazzette gives us exclusive wardrobe access

DJ supreme, Danny Howells, comes clean about his choice in cool garbs.

What are you wearing right now?

"Nothing fancy at all! A pair of 1970's Levis with a big hole where there shouldn't be one, and...

Exclusive wardrobe access!

“I like clean, functional pieces and on stage, I'm a fan of all black. Usually it's an all black long-sleeved Dickies cotton shirt, simple Levis all black 501s and my Jordan 3 all black flips. Off stage, I'm a bit more adventurous with colours; however, really big, bold, bright colours tend not to suit me. My big extravagance is my trainers. I have over 155 pairs, and will normally start an outfit with the footwear choice first.”

Simply huge...

Tomorrowland has locked its full line-up for 2017, with the festival running on two consecutive weekends from 21st to 23rd and 28th to 30th July...