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Each resident will curate three events at the Hackney Wick club

London’s Colour Factory has announced its residents for 2022. 

The Hackney Wick club, in the space formerly held by Mick’s Garage, is kicking off the...

Demi interviewed at WMC 2008, Miami by Lesley Wright.

SOS, Pawnshop and more...

Anthony Pappa at WMC 2008 interviewed by Lesley Wright

International Touring, New CD, and much more...

Desyn Masiello interviewed at WMC 2008, Miami by Lesley Wright

Sunburn, Dominican Republic, Sex on Legs party and much more

There are festivals - and then there is Burning Man, the week-long arts and music festival in Black Rock Desert, northwest Nevada.

It's Mad Max on acid, a sensory overload of the weird and wonderful in a kaleidoscopic fantastical bubble. It's where art and music collide in...

The events intend to be an “intentional space for London’s queer community to connect, dance and explore identity/sexuality in a safer environment"

Crossbreed has announced a new weekly party at London’s Colour Factory. 

The sex-positive party and label, which was nominated in the Best Club Event category...