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Silverback Recordings

Polish-born artist switches up from last month's accomplished debut album

We were first turned onto The Phantom, aka Bartosz Kruczynski, by the spacey syncopated tump of 'Ockhams Razor' on Pets Recordings back in 2011 and...

The audiophile speaks out

DJ Harvey is one of the UK originators of the dance music scene. From his beginnings in Cambridge punk band Ersatz, he discovered hip-hop and DJing on a fateful trip to New York City, and later alighted upon an eclectic mishmash DJ style inspired by the B-Boy everything-in-the-pot approach of the NYC scene's first DJs. 
Later becoming a leading light for house music in the UK, his night Moist at London's Gardening Club cemented his reputation as a true original, where his mammoth sets became the stuff of legend, and where he also invited the legendary likes of Larry Levan as guests.