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Controlled Kaoss

Korg is looking to create maximum Kaoss with its all-new KP3+ flagship effects unit...

Arturia Sparkles Once Again

Arturia is a name well known in the studio community as a company that makes some of the most authentic and widely used software versions of classic synthesisers as well as hardware that has a habit of combining classic old school sounds along with sounds that are bang up to date with today’s cutting edge genres.

ESI's pocket-sized audio interface!

In Texas, big is best, but when it comes to audio interfaces for DJs, the exact opposite is true, and small becomes beautiful. The UDJ6 from ESI comes in as one of the smallest and most stylish DJ interface packages yet, and would even fit in the pocket of a hipster’s skinny jeans — yes, it’s that small! The all metal casing is curved with a lovely champagne anodised finish, which gives the UDJ6 a very classy and stylish look and feel.

Pioneer's entry level controller comes of age.

The battle of the budget controllers has really hotted up, with news from Pioneer of their latest controller to hit the market, the DDJ-WeGo. Fantastic news for anyone who is looking to buy such a controller at the moment.

Budget banger

Denon’s new controller the DJ MC2000 is going to make a superstar DJ out of you but won’t break the bank in the process…

Pioneer’s new XDJ-Aero Controller gives DJs Wi Fi capabilities, but will its hi-tech wizardry fly high or come crashing down to the earth?

Pioneer have just released one of the most intriguing and hyped pieces of DJ equipment — the Pioneer XDJ-Aero. It's not often that a product can live up to the expectations that this kind of hype generates, but Pioneer have outdone themselves and have managed to create something truly revolutionary with the XDJ-Aero.

Kings of the road

Once upon a time DJs roamed the planet with boxes filled with enough vinyl to cripple a sherpa and synthesisers that were so big and heavy they required two roadies to wrestle them onto the stage. Fortunately, these days, all it takes is a laptop with a couple of controllers plugged into the USB ports to do the job. Korg have been around since the beginning of the electronic music revolution, and while once they were manufacturers of hardware behemoths, they have kept abreast of the times by releasing a wide range of products in both hardware and software formats, from bulky workstation synthesisers designed to live in a studio to their micro range of keyboards, which are the perfect size and weight to be taken on the road.

Native Instruments' Maschine is back for V2

Native Instruments have been changing the face of music production for some years now, and as one of the very first companies to produce synthesisers...

Pure logic

Logitech’s new headphones are out to stamp their mark on the dance music scene…

A super-budget DJ controller

When it comes to DJ controllers, the big boys' toys tend to get the most attention. Anyone new to the scene could be forgiven for thinking that to get a decent hardware controller with enough features to make it a professional piece of equipment, a seriously large amount of cash is going to have to be paid in order to take it home.

ESI have impressed the production community with their built quality.

ESI have impressed the production community with their German-designed, Taiwanese-built quality for some time now, and their latest offering is a rather sneaky audio solution...

Numark's new iDJ Pro controller lets iPad DJs take control of the DJ booths

DJs come in all shapes and sizes and operate on all levels with varying degrees of capability. This is reflected in the wealth of equipment that is available to buy in order for DJs to do their thing. Unlike days of old, where Technics were the de rigeur kit of any professional DJ's set-up, DJs now don't have to be using the big boys' top of the range offerings to get the total pro experience.

The New King of the Digital Beats

In recent times Pioneer have gone from a company that seemed to be ignoring the surge in demand for hardware controllers, instead concentrating on their CDJs and mixers to now becoming arguably one of the rulers of the roost in the DJ Controller market with options to suit every budget as well as all of the most popular DJ software titles around.

Vestax’s evolution in the VCI series takes the controller range to a whole new level...

Vestax’s evolution in the VCI series takes the controller range to a whole new level...

Kings of the road

With the end of an era that came with the announcement that Technics were no longer making their undisputed industry standard turntables, the SL1200 and SL1210, a death knell rang. Finally, after so many years, all DJs have come to the realisation that vinyl is dead, right?