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It's white, it's light, and it's definitely the slickest DJ controller to come out of Finland.

It might be hard to believe, but EKS, a small independent company from Finland have been pioneering Midi DJ technology since way back in 2003...

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Allen & Heath Xone 4D
Vestax VCI400
Numark NS6
Pioneer DDJ-SX
NI Traktor Kontrol S4

<p>Akai join the DJ controller market with two new gadgets for Serato DJ</p>

Akai are making strides in the DJ world with two new controllers — the AFX and AMX — for Serato DJ. The two new controllers...

Going into Orbit

Numark’s new Orbit controller looks like something straight out of a sci-fI movie, let your fingers do the talking.

Fresh contender in the controller market

New to the controller scene is American company Electrix, with their all-new tasty, compact Tweaker controller. Tweaker can be used with Ableton Live, Traktor, Serato etc.

Korg unleash the KAOSS DJ controller beast on an unsuspecting public...

Korg is a name best known for producing some of the best synthesisers that have ever been made. Almost every producer who grew up in...

New portable controller from Akai

Akai’s new MPX8 is a portable sample pad controller, perfect for adding a little spice to your DJ or live sets.

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Reloop BeatMix
Vestax Spin 2
Pioneer DDJ WeGo
Novation LaunchPad S
Kam DIGI Two

Watch the video nominations here!

Allen & Heath K2
Reloop Terminal Mix 4
Electrix Tweaker
Pioneer DDJ-Ergo
NI Traktor Kontrol F1

Is this the greatest live performance Midi controller ever, ever, ever?

Pads, faders, dials and of course 49 keys are all part of the deal with the Akai's new Midi controller.

The versatile MPK49 packs a...

The bits of kit that make your studio experience a total dream.

Behringer X-Touch

Fully automated, fully-customisable hands on DAW and hardware controller at a price all producers will be happy with.
Takes up...

Getting green with envy at Numark's new controller

DJs who prefer using controllers to drop their beats now have a new reason to get over-excited, thanks to a rather sexy new shiny box...

Touching Base

Canadian bespoke controller designers Livid are back with their all-new Base compact controller

Denon turn up the heat at NAMM 2015 with the MC4000 controller

More news straight from NAMM 2015. Denon are back after a little hiatus with an all new product the MC4000. Denon’s MC4000 is a 2-deck...

Faderfox stand out in the sea of generic Midi controllers with their tailor-made range of compact micro modules.