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Luxe press shot in an American Football jersey

Get acquainted with Luxe, the London-based DJ/producer exploring the hybridity of club music to develop her own sound

Wielding slippery garage grooves, ruffneck breaks and the endless horizon of a good trance pad is tough to pull off in one set, let alone...

From: Cardiff

For fans of: Octo Octa, Jamie xx, Floorplan

Three tunes: ‘Every Body Is Welcome’, ‘Avant Garde’, ‘Compromise... For What?’

ON ELKKA’s new EP, there’s a slow-burning house track based on a sample of Laurie Anderson, the New York performance artist who had a surprise...

From: Philadelphia, PA, USA

For Fans Of: Ross From Friends, DJ Seinfeld, Mall Grab

Three Tunes: ‘Fade Away’, ‘Tears Drop’, ‘Ahead Of Time’

Birthed out of the lo-fi blogosphere, Baltra’s music allows for space but can also feel like a white-knuckle ride, serendipitous but also concise. Discovering new...

From: Kraków, Poland

For Fans Of: Beau Wanzer, Lena Willikens, Identified Patient

Key Tunes: ’Skawa’, ‘Paj', ‘Szelestt’

It’s fair to say that Oliva changed the face of her local scene, and she’s now making her mark around Europe. The Kraków native came...

From: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of CongoFor Fans Of: DJ Marfox, Ibibio Sound Machine, The Mauskovic Dance BandThree Tunes: ‘Azo Toke’, ‘Malembe’, ‘Tokoliana’

WORDS: Katie Thomas

“We're like a bomb made out of different materials, ready to explode at every show.” Hailing from Kinshasa, the capital of Democratic Republic of the...

From: Los Angeles, CA

For fans of: Madnap, Elohim

Three tunes: 'Love Cemetery', 'Fractions', 'Peaches'

Cray's music is as striking as her cascading locks of two-toned hair. The online videogame-streamer-turned-singer-songwriter-producer flits through indie electronics, pop and dance productions with ease...

The German-born Keinemusik founder that’s been making a lot of noise this summer...

At the peak of summer 2016, Rampa did the unexpected by taking a six-month break from music that began at the peak of last year’s...

Get acquainted with Wiltshire’s Eusebeia, whose ethereal sound fuses jungle, techno, dub and ambient with ancient philosophical themes

Get acquainted with Leeds-based DJ, sound artist, radio host and activist, Sayang

Get acquainted with the 19-year-old MC taking UK drill by storm

From: Melbourne, Australia

For fans of: Tornado Wallace, Tim Sweeney, Bicep

Three tunes: 'Honey Bird', 'Your Life', 'Running Late'

With his fourth album ‘Joyful’, arriving on Tim Sweeney’s beloved Beats In Space imprint, Melbourne producer Andras delivers one of his finest works to date, capping off a...

For Fans Of: Cera Khin, Identified Patient, Silent Servant

Three Tracks: ‘Fighting The Past’, ‘Last One’, ‘Unknown Levels’

Born and raised in Mexico City and currently based in Berlin, Yoan Lokier might initially seem a bit intimidating. Her music is dark and ominous...

From: Croydon, UKFor Fans Of: Stray, Commodo, ShlohmoThree Tunes: ‘For Sudden’, ‘Around’, ‘Scope’

Words: Ben Hunter 

Deft is the alias of Yip Wong. Born in Croydon, he has a talent for loping, sophisticated beats which, if you didn’t know otherwise, might...

From: Manchester, UK

For fans of: Little Simz, Erykah Badu, Levelz

Three tunes: ‘Urban Jazz’, ‘Shade’, ‘Pause’

“I never looked at music as a business,” nods IAMDDB, the part-Portuguese, part-Angolan and ALL Mancunian breakthrough star. “Music is my therapy. It’s my place...

Get To Know: Namesbliss

Get acquainted with Namesbliss, the Kliburn, London MC whose skill, authenticity and storytelling shines in his grime, drill and garage-inspired tracks

“I’m all for social commentary. We need to talk about the realities of what’s happening on the roads. But there’s a fine line between that...