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Win Shindig tickets and Desolat t-shirts/vinyl

Featured in this month's High Five, our recommended nights for January, Newcastle's Shindig has since sold out as a stampede of people purchased tickets in droves for obvious reasons.

Out Friday 14th October via Food Music...

Shadow Child has today announced his new album, ‘Connected’, will be released via Food Music on Friday 14th October.

The 11-track release features a host...

Bank holiday business

With two bank holidays this month, there's plenty of party ammunition to load those gun fingers...

This month's essential club nights!

Forget the new-year detox, there is only one way to get through the January blues - keep on raving! You can use this month's top 5 nights as a starting point for your January adventures. Remember, sleep is for the weak. See you on the dancefloors!