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Sioux City Boys Club make their live debut at Together on 30th April

Sioux City Boys Club, aka producers Mick Wilson and Luke Pepper, might have only been working together for a year, but their imminent...

In-depth review of the latest NI gem!

Native Instruments make cool DJ gear, simple as that. Their Traktor software has been one of the industry standards for an age. Their X1 controller was a game changer, followed up by the S4, S2, and F1 controllers — all great products that were intended to make performing and the DJ's life so much easier. They put performance back into the market place when the scene was on the verge of digital DJing boredom.

Native Instruments release yet another new controller

Native Instruments have added the Kontrol Z1 controller to its arsenal of controllers for its popular Traktor DJing software

NI release a new virtual vinyl system called Traktor Scratch, which has a fancy new interface which is also available independantly.

Native Instruments (NI) has just released news of two new products at this year's Winter NAMM equipment show in California.

The new Traktor Scratch package...

Check out the new version of Native Instruments killer app

Native Instruments has just announced a major new revamp to their popular iMaschnie app - iMaschine 2.

The all in one Traktor mixer from Native Instruments

Native Instruments look like taking on the big boys in the hardware department with the release of their all-new DJ mixer, the Kontrol Z2. The Z2 not only controls Traktor 2, but is also a fully functional DJ mixer with inputs and outputs to control conventional turntables, CDJs or any external sound source.

NI's new sound card puts you in the driver's seat

Flagship Traktor Controller from the NI camp

Native instruments are back with a new development that will once again change the way that DJs look at performing in the new modern digital era.

Get an extra five modules for free...

Native Instruments continue to bolster their REAKTOR Blocks platform with a new free update that introduces a new Blocks family - Kodiak.

The new Blocks...

The Mod Pack features flange, chorus and phaser FX...

NI have introduced a new series of effects including chorus, flanger and phaser. The Mod Pack includes Choral, Flair and Phasis, three plugins with over...

Guitar Rig 6 Pro is the main event in NI’s new bundle

Native Instruments have updated their ultimate bundle collection Komplete to version 13, adding their recent plugins and sample instruments released since the last version of...

Native Instruments' lift the bar with KOMPLETE 11 Production Suite.

Native Instruments have just announced the 11th generation of its industry-leading KOMPLETE collection.

It’s the first Maschine that can run without a computer

Native Instruments has introduced an all-in-one standalone production unit called Maschine Plus. Operating without a computer, it’s the first standalone Maschine product since it was...

The old Maschine Expansions now translate across the NI range...

Native Instruments have revealed Expansions, a series of genre-based samples aimed at creating a track from scratch. With sample kits for Maschine and Battery, synth...

Native Instruments Show Off New STEMS Demo Video

Native Instruments' STEMS format is looking likely to cause major waves throughout the DJ community when it is finally released. Check out the video below as to what it is all about.