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Ableton Live 9
Cubase 7
Reason 7
Apple Logic Pro
NI Komplete 9

The DAW has rolled out a range of new features

Customisable digital audio workstation Reaper has rolled out a new update.

Available for (a very competitively-priced) $60, the Cockos-developed Reaper 6 includes a range of...

The new DAW-style software aims to help DJs make music...

Serato have launched a new music-making software called Studio. The DAW-style software was designed to help DJs who want to make music without the steep learning...

Modular software delight

In the late '90s there was a perception of DJs as vinyl-hugging technophobes who relied on a 20-year-old turntable design and swore by headphones launched in the '80s. It used to be an utterly fair stereotype — after having reviewed the very first Traktor back when it ploughed into the scene, trying to convince my clubland chums that it was “the future” I was met with pity and derision.

Watch the video nominations here!

NI Traktor Pro 2
Serato DJ
Pioneer Rekordbox
Mixvibes Cross
Deckadance 2

The creators of a really advanced and creative VJing package have decided to make their software freeware.

The lesser-known VisualJockey is a seriously powerful programme that hasn't enjoyed the same popularity as other options, but is incredibly flexible.

It's one for the...

Does the PCJD DMX spell the end for unwieldy lighting desk?

We take a peek at the best Digital DJing software on the planet; no one said it was going to be easy!


Serato DJ

Serato are smashing it with their Pro digital DJing software, the FX rock, it sounds good and in use is...

Management and booking 2.0

The music tech company, Gigwell has launched a new management and booking software for the electronic dance music industry.

The first cloud based DJ booking...

Some of the best studio software for making those killer tunes. Which one will bring the noise?

Logic Pro X

The latest update includes a free Alchemy soft synth one of the most powerful plugin instruments on the market.

The new Origin synthesizer is capable of emulating classic synths, such as the Arp, Moog, Prophet VS and CS80.

French soft-synth guru's Arturia are busy developing their most ambitious product to date.

The Origin is due to arrive in autumn, is a knob laden...


djDecks is the digital DJ software with minimum impact on your wallet, and the latest string of updates raises the bar to an all-time high....

New Features and FX Plus Pack for rekordbox dj

Pioneer DJ have just updated their rekordbox software bringing with it a host of new features.

New improved third version

Finding a vocalist to use on your potential dancefloor-busting killer tune isn’t quite as easy as it seems, as to every Adele there are a hundred Cheryl Coles. So what is a budding producer to do when Adele and Aretha are not in the phone book? Well Zero G have an answer — Avanna, the third installation of their virtual vocalist sample library/software.

Remixvideo a new video mixing software from Mixbvibes

Mixvibes releases Remixvideo for Mac, an intuitive sampler to enhance a DJ/artists set with video playback.

Remixvideo runs VST/AU and Ableton Link and is the...