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Ghostly International and AIAIAI team up for new version of TMA-1 DJ Headphone.

Ghostly International has collaborated with Danish headphone designers AIAIAI on a special-edition TMA-1 headphone that merges Danish audio design with curated and timeless sound culture...

Special studio edition of hipster headphones de jour.

AiAiAi's original endeavor into the headphone market was very well received by the hipster DJs and fashion-conscious music lover. Even Stevie Wonder was spotted with a pair perched neatly on his head.

AIAIAI introduce their new Modular Headphone System

AIAIAI have launched a rather cool new successor to their rather popular TMA–1 headphone range, but this new entry to the headphone market comes with...

AIAIAI join forces with Boysnoize for another special edition release.

Fresh after the Modeselektor edition AIAIAI TMA–2 headphone comes another special edition model this time in collaboration with Boysnoize Records celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

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Now that they’ve shared the initial info for their official Point Blank Los Angeles launch event taking place on Thursday, February 19th 2015, PB...