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The 20th anniversary 'Surrender' celebrations continue

The SFX Entertainment founder died of respiratory illness on Sunday

‘No Place Like Home’ released in honour of American rapper’s 49th birthday

Get acquainted with Vienna's purveyor of atmospheric drum & bass, Kimyan Law

From: Vienna, Austria Via DRC

For Fans Of: Frederic Robinson, BOP, Mystic State

Three Tracks: ‘Run Ames (Feat Robert Manos)’, ‘Yore Dub’, ‘Krieg’

"Honestly, I was dicking around"

The new music came on the artist's Beats 1 radio show

The album concludes a year-long series

Piracy decline EU study
Piracy decline EU study

Only 49% of people between the ages of 15 and 24 say they accessed pirated digital content in the last year