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House, ballroom & Dance Mania all make the cut in Moscow-born DJ's podcast

For a decade Luca Venezia was NYC's king of bass.

12 tracks in 12 months plus a host of remixes — welcome to the crazy world of Jesse Rose...

Win Roland's new 808/909 drum machine combo, courtesy of BMC.

Korg’s Volca range packs huge sounds into tiny packages

He was the Electrifyin’ Mojo of the indie disco. The bootleg king. The electroclash god. But when each of those scenes imploded, Erol Alkan stepped from the wreckage unscathed...

The latest in DJ & Production Technology

Member of Hot Creations crew holds forth

There's a new techno sound echoing from the post-industrial streets of one of the UK's biggest conurbations. Influenced by Berlin and Detroit, Manchester's young producers are making something that could only be born in their city.