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Apple Music

Roland’s VR-5 is a little box of delights that’s bringing club nights into the homes of party-goers everywhere. Now you never have to miss the party

Apple’s Garageband app for the iPad lets you make beats — and not just in your house


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6: Aerea Negrot & Fata Kiefer

Dubstep figurehead Skream has gone euphoric, smashed the templates, and upped the tempos. His new album ‘Outside The Box’ confirms he’s not content to be placed in a bracket, and is out to prove the haters wrong with a joyful set designed to resurrect the potency and power of dance music’s golden years. “I’m trying to bring rave back,” says Skream…

Turn your laptop into a mini DJ booth…

Can Apple’s Logic Pro 9 Studio software taste any sweeter?

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The EVO5 is amongst the new breed of mixers taking centre stage in the digital DJ rig, but should it be your nerve centre?