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Audio Interface

Pioneer keep on pushing things forward with the ultimate AV mixer for creative DJs and VJs.

Apple release new version of Logic and slash the price in half

DJ Sound Card

New audio interface from Novation

Roland unveil their sampling workstation with a few tricks for DJs...

Keeping things up to date, Bias have announced a new version of the Mac audio editing program, Peak Pro.

Korg unleash groundbreaking new technology that looks set to change the way DJs create and perform music with their computers. They combine Midi control, audio interface and hardware mixing and effects into one unit.

Stanton announce a price drop for FinalScratch 2 in Feb/March, along with a new concept which bring the ScratchAmp to the masses at a discount too.

NI release a new virtual vinyl system called Traktor Scratch, which has a fancy new interface which is also available independantly.

We expect the DJmag offices will be innundated with more and more controllers this year, but the M-Audio offering looks set to leave a lasting impression.