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The new macOS is not yet compatible with a host of music-making and DJ software

The new version of Live includes some long-awaited features

Beatsource LINK has also been added to their Engine OS

You can now stream Beatport and Beatsource’s catalogue into the DJ software

The feature will allow premium users to listen to a shared queue of music at the same time as their friends

Mixcloud Live is currently in beta and lets users broadcast with and without webcam visuals

DJ Swagger returns to Thirty Year Records with five UKG-inspired club sizzlers on the ‘Bassline Funkyshit’ EP. Hear the warped and rolling ‘Beta Phase’ now

The new version 2.10 features new additions for on-the-fly track building 

An 80-minute melting pot of bubbling minimal from London's Rossko

On Cue is our flagship mix series, celebrating the pivotal DJs and producers whose influence has shaped the world of electronic music, both in their local scenes and beyond. This week, DJ/producer and long-standing FUSE resident, Rossko, serves up a hypnotic melting pot of minimal house and techno rollers, and chats about his early teens on pirate radio, illegal raves, and the launch of his new label, Late Night Skanking