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Uncovering a rapidly growing local movement, on the brink of becoming an international phenomenon...

Bangers or Trash is DJ Mag’s new series where the artists you love rate massive tracks.
For the first episode, we have Game of Thrones’ Hodor, AKA Kristian Nairn.

A potato, boom whackers, or floppy disk drives. Who will win?
Darude chooses his favourite 'Sandstorm' cover.


"Can I steal and sample 10 seconds of a Madonna song and sell it as my own music piece without permission?"

These are our top 5 must see music documentaries on Netflix in 2019!

Music and vegetating on the couch all day watching Netflix are undoubtedly two of life’s greatest pleasures. And as you might expect, Netflix is no slouch when it comes to serving up excellent music documentaries.

From straight-up electronic music docos to others that touch on everything from soul to funk to hip-hop, the depth and range of their offerings is simply staggering.

That said, knowing where to start can be difficult, so with this in mind we’ve compiled a handy list of some of the greatest music documentaries that the streaming service has to offer. Even if you don’t take away the life lessons offered up by the below, you will at the very least have a whole lot of wonderful new music to listen to.

DJ Fresh tells DJ Mag about the crushing lows and vertiginous highs of his career, from battling cancer to producing hit records for the likes of Kyle Minogue...

DJ Fresh has had a life of vertiginous highs and crushing lows — from his time in drum & bass supergroup Bad Company, to having No.1 hit records, to battling health scares and cancer. Now he’s in a better place than ever, sober and balancing a career working in artificial intelligence systems with producing hit records for artists like Kylie Minogue. DJ Mag meets him to discover how he’s weathered the storm...

Ballantine’s & Boiler Room True Music make Kraków debut with Showcase and Documentary...



From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For fans of: Chris Liebing, Charlotte de Witte, Robert Hood

For this month’s Recognise mix, we speak to DJ Lag, Durban’s self-proclaimed “gqom king”, about the future and history the sound…

Recognise is DJ Mag’s monthly mix series, introducing artists we love that are bursting onto the global electronic music scene. This month, we speak to DJ Lag, Durban’s self-proclaimed “gqom king”, about the future and history the sound...

Ejeca gives his first interview under the Trance Wax moniker..

In his first interview under the Trance Wax moniker, Ejeca tells us about the origin of the project, uniting young clubbers and older ravers, and more...

PICS: Clarke James, AJR Photography, Stuart Taylor & Grant Jones