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The digital dimension will span three different worlds: HydeCity, HydeIsland and HydeEscape

Xen Chron is next up on Mor Elian and Rhyw’s Fever AM with the ‘Deleted Vapor’ EP. Hear the broken techno rhythms and shapeshifting sci-fi electronics of ‘Wrong Dimension’ now

You can trigger FX and control the transport using the camera

Angel-Ho readies her new EP, Alla Prima, on Hyperdub. Hear the warped “hip-hop haute couture” of ‘Never Ever’ now

It follows last year's EPIC 6.0 Holosphere debut

In celebration of Dimension's new single 'Saviour' the drum and bass DJ/producer plays an exclusive 45 minute DJ set from a secret location


A three month broadcast series to reimagine some of our favourite sets

It's the second single from the trance legend's forthcoming album, 'Guiding Light'