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It will chronicle the city's "brilliantly eccentric and engaging emporiums"

The two track 12” nods to the producer’s Nigerian heritage

 Five bursaries of £3,000 are available, with money going towards counsellor or psychotherapist training 

Over 220 member companies have already endorsed the Code Of Conduct document

It follows the government's announcement of a new enquiry into the economics of music streaming

Category to be renamed Best Global Music Album, with the Recording Academy describing it as 'a more relevant, modern, and inclusive term'

Local Action Records, LWE and a number of other industry figures are joining the scheme

It's part of a drive to boost diversity and inclusion in the music industry

Raj Chaudhuri has cited R&S co-founder Renaat Vandepapeliere’s unprogressive stance on ‘the roots of techno, Black Lives Matter, charity initiatives, diversity and basic decency’ as his reason for leaving

Mesmerising sounds from the ever-expanding Banoffee Pies catalogue 

Bristol-born Banoffee Pies Records is best known for its sonic diversity, V/A compilations and plethora of series and sub-labels. But as its founder Ell Weston begins a new life in Berlin and continues to navigate an industry torn apart by the COVID-19 pandemic, DJ Mag discovers his priorities are changing, and a label that’s maturing with them, evidenced in a mesmerising mix of cuts from its ever-expanding catalogue