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The Natural Born Spitta Speaks

Saturday at East Village London

From Kenton Slash Demon, Shit Robot and Ali Love

Sunday Best's David E. Sugar offers 'Party Killer' remix

Dubstep figurehead Skream has gone euphoric, smashed the templates, and upped the tempos. His new album ‘Outside The Box’ confirms he’s not content to be placed in a bracket, and is out to prove the haters wrong with a joyful set designed to resurrect the potency and power of dance music’s golden years. “I’m trying to bring rave back,” says Skream…

Raving for a good cause

Numark’s NS7 controller threatened to bring back real deck control to the digital DJ community but didn’t quite get a firm foothold. But with their new V7 controller, is victory finally around the corner?

Livid unleash their multi-purpose, easy-to-use controller — The Block

Learn how to produce hip-hop and dubstep

The pride of Manchester, Sankeys storms to victory in the first purely clubber-voted DJmag Top 100 Clubs poll