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Let's Start The Dance

Mashing up musical styles and sampling indigenous culture

Timo’s ready to remove the mask and get real…

The seminal tracks that changed dance forever

Member of Hot Creations crew holds forth

Swedish producer Axel Boman is like nobody else in dance music. With a wicked sense of humour, both feet on the dancefloor and an ear cocked to psychedelia, with releases for Pampa, Hypercolour and his own label Studio Barnhus, he's got all bases covered. Now his debut album's ready to drop, so we talk musical passion, taking the piss, Sweden's dance scene now, his disco side project and fine art...

Can ravers propel old hardcore hit to the top of the UK charts?

Bring back the jack sound

Morgan Geist returns to his original house music inspiration.

Mixed up in The Hague

The Dutchman cuts through the crap and criticisms and discusses the EDM boom, the concept of selling out and gives us an insight into his upcoming album...