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Marshall Jefferson

Guess who's back.... no, not Slim Shady! We're talking about Marshall Jefferson — one of the few souls left in this world legitimately entrusted with that revered, but occasionally overused, 'Godfather of House' title.

Stuart Patterson's 'Acid Thunder' mix

Roland unleash the new Aria System 1 synth...

Nobody does the steamy sex-groove better than Chicago don K’Alexi Shelby...

House legend features on new track by LetTheMusicPlay

Documentary by Lil’ Louis seeks to find the answer

Dance Mania transformed Chicago house from its '80s roots to a rough, raw, x-rated version that banged harder than anyone else. Now, after 13 years absence, the label is back by popular demand alongside a new Strut compilation that reminds the world just how influential it still is...

With a host of monikers and diverse productions to his name, DJ Pierre has driven the development of dance and is still at the forefront. Kris Needs gets the inside track...

Chicago originals over 16-CD box set

Sheffield's Cabaret Voltaire were way, way ahead of their time.