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Featuring Juan MacLean, Matias Aguayo and Daniel Maloso’s Coméme, The Hundred in the Hands, and Stopmakingme

Jack Your Body! - Jackmaster’s searing DJ sets capture the hybrid zeitgeist of dance in 2010 — anBest Breakthrough Producer >>>d beyond…

19: Zed Bias

Trailertrash & Nuke Them All 12 hour rave marathon

At Corsica Studio - 11th to 13th December

A music industry experiment

Three Festival Appearance + One Club Show

Dubstep figurehead Skream has gone euphoric, smashed the templates, and upped the tempos. His new album ‘Outside The Box’ confirms he’s not content to be placed in a bracket, and is out to prove the haters wrong with a joyful set designed to resurrect the potency and power of dance music’s golden years. “I’m trying to bring rave back,” says Skream…

See Etienne De Crecy's Beats 'n' Cube UK exclusive