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The Black Album

58: Phaeleh

DJmag round-up

Include previously unreleased Daft Punk track!

Plus exclusive free single remix by Beataucue

50: Timo Garcia

For 20 years, DJmag has been in amongst it, at the vanguard of dance and electronic music culture, commentating, conversing and partying within the scene that we live and breathe.
But flashback to the start — how did it all begin? What was it like to be there? How did DJmag grow into the entity it is today?
We’re gonna go back, way back, into the mists of time, as we celebrate 20 years of DJ Magazine…

If you only go out once this month, make sure it’s to one of these...

Part two of our 'Black Sun' interview...

33: Simon Baker

An in-depth talk with the Hyperdub main man about his new album with Spaceape, 'Black Sun'...