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Vital Label

DJ Mag finds out a little more about 'Moda Black'

Raw beats and sub-low rumbles mixed with sugary melodies are DJ Q's calling card.

In October 2013 London’s best-known record shop, Phonica has turned 10.

He was the Electrifyin’ Mojo of the indie disco. The bootleg king. The electroclash god. But when each of those scenes imploded, Erol Alkan stepped from the wreckage unscathed...

Manchester's El Diablos Social Club

EPM Music give us the low down in this month's vital label

There's a new techno sound echoing from the post-industrial streets of one of the UK's biggest conurbations. Influenced by Berlin and Detroit, Manchester's young producers are making something that could only be born in their city.

This month's essential label

Our label of the month

DJ Mag spoke to two of the scene’s icons about their takes on the scene in 2013, their manifold future plans, and the enduring spirit of drum & bass. Not to mention a potential collaboration...