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Vital Label

With Miller Genuine Draft

Greg Wilson's Discotheque Archives
Greg Wilson's Discotheque Archives

A guide to dance music's pre-rave past...

Solomon Grey
Solomon Grey

Watch the duo’s live performance of an exquisite song...

Ahead of Paper Recordings' new doc, Northern Disco Lights...

The DJ/producer talks the launch of her new label & creating a family of artists around her...

the garden festival
the garden festival

DJ Mag spends seven blissed out days at at the last ever instalment of The Garden Festival, but is it really the end?

We meet the Leeds man in London to talk about hardcore history, subliminal messages and breaking free of genre constrictions — and much more…

Get the lowdown on this year’s Miller SoundClash headliner

A round up of the best tracks this month...

Guess who's back.... no, not Slim Shady! We're talking about Marshall Jefferson