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beat generator

“We're like a bomb made out of different materials, ready to explode at every show.”

From: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
For Fans Of: DJ Marfox, Ibibio Sound Machine, The Mauskovic Dance Band
Three Tunes: ‘Azo Toke’, ‘Malembe’, ‘Tokoliana’

WORDS: Katie Thomas

Some of the most important DJs in the development of the UK scene are children of the ‘Windrush Generation’. With the Windrush Scandal in the news lately, and the 70th anniversary of the Windrush ship arriving in the UK occurring this June, DJ Mag talks to some of the black and mixed-race foundation DJs about their parents, racism, culture, and being pioneers in our beloved scene...


House music’s multifaceted Anna Wall is London's most exciting rising star...

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WaveDNA release a new midi sequencer and beat generator

Can Pioneer’s DJM-2000 stake its claim to the throne as the ultimate DJ club mixer? DJmag puts it to the test…

A&H hacked off the Midi portion of the expensive Xone:3D, so anyone can benefit from the Midi control, soundcard and audio/Midi synchronizer.