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'90s techno

Black and white photo of a queue of people outside Tresor, Berlin

A new short film documenting the origins of techno in Detroit and its boom in Berlin has been released. How Techno Was Born: From Detroit...

Rrose standing in front of a cliff-like rock structure in a forest, next to a bush of ferns. They are wearing a long black and white dress, a long black wig and make-up. Their shadow is reflected on the wall of the rock

As Rrose, Seth Horvitz explores techno’s deep, psychedelic veins. The Californian artist’s latest album, ‘Please Touch’, expands on the ecological aura that’s coursed through their recent output. Here, alongside an On Cue mix of ‘90s tracks to celebrate 30 years of DJing, he speaks to Liam Cagney about creation as an act of discovery, the influence of microtonal composers, performing in drag, and the dancefloor's taste for ever-faster techno

It’s a sunny afternoon when DJ Mag speaks to Seth Horvitz over Zoom. The DJ, producer and composer behind the experimental techno persona, Rrose, has...

Waveform Transmission vol. 1

Released on Tresor in 1992, Jeff Mills' debut LP ‘Waveform Transmission Vol. 1’ is a record that stands for repetition and filth, forged from wrought steel and imbued with scuffed-up funk. Here, 30 years after its release, Ben Cardew takes a deep dive into the sound, origins and legacy of an album that birthed a new breed of techno 

Listen to a lot of older techno today and it sounds rather restrained. Brilliant, yes, and futuristic too, yet largely soft and melodic compared to...


Rising to notoriety in the ’90s with his hardcore techno DJ sets, Loftgroover had a huge following, before the pressures of popularity led him to withdraw from the scene. 30 years later, he’s back and rejuvenated as a d&b DJ. Holly Dicker learns his story

One of the UK’s greatest living DJs never intended to be a DJ. For Loftgroover, the music itself was enough. “DJing didn’t appeal to me,”...