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Akanbi crouching on a rock in a river, surrounded by lush woodland. He's wearing black trainers, shades and green speedos

Moving effortlessly through a range of tempos and flavours, the NYC-based, Lagos-raised DJ Akanbi demonstrates his party-starting sound with a live recording from New Year’s Day at Nowadays, and speaks to Michael McKinney about the evolution of his GROOVY GROOVY events, and taking the dancefloor somewhere new with his anything-goes approach

Andrew Akanbi has been throwing parties for over a decade. His event series, GROOVY GROOVY, has a simple yet expansive ethos. Ticking each phrase off...

Photo of Akanbi smiling and wearing a dark green jacket, red beret, sunglasses and a red and green string vest. He's standing on the right in front of a selection of 10 pieces of album artwork chosen for this feature.

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Akanbi spotlights ethereal boogie music, healing ambience, gentle amapiano, masterful dub, club slammers and more

Rave man. Spiritual leader. Mayor of enjoyment. Three simple descriptors used by the Lagos-raised DJ Akanbi to sum up his role in New York’s bustling...