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Self-releasing your music in 2022: which distributor is right for you?

When starting out in the industry, musicians and producers have what can often seem like an insurmountable number of new skills to learn outside of making music. With seemingly countless distributors offering widely varying features and products, choosing how to get your music on streaming services can be confusing. This guide seeks to demystify one of the most confusing aspects of releasing music

Digital distribution is the process of releasing your music to various digital streaming platforms (DSPs) and services. In the past, distributors would take care of...

The new platform is designed to simplify and maximise distribution and analytics

Beatchain is a new platform for independent artists and labels that features multiple tools for promoting, distributing and tracking your music. It aims to tie...

Is this the future of reaching new fans?

Beatchain have announced a new feature, Fan Builder, that reportedly helps artists build their audience.

The distribution, data science, and digital marketing platform's new service...