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The rapper also discussed the forthcoming U.S. election

Public Enemy’s Chuck D has said that fighting systemic racism “is a long hike and you got to continually go at it”.

Speaking in a...

The newly formed organization signed an open letter

The Black Music Coalition have signed an open letter calling for industry reforms to end systemic racism.

The newly launched coalition, which includes black music...

The launch of the fund follows the outbreak of protests around the world after the death of George Floyd

Sony Music Group has announced a $100million social justice fund, in the wake of the death of George Floyd. 

On Monday, 25th May, George Floyd...

Dutch DJ/producer is one of Berlin club Panorama Bar's most celebrated residents. Her deep knowledge of dance music's past keeps her one step ahead of...

Programmed and mixed by Steffi, Panorama Bar’s latest mix CD makes it feels like the series is complete. The Dutch DJ/producer’s passion for music is rooted in her deep knowledge of electronic music, which transcends genres and lazy descriptions.