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Boddhi Satva

Boddhi Satva wearing a robe, photographed with his arms folded on a dark backdrop under a purple light

Longstanding Afro house artist Boddhi Satva is devoted to authenticity, and has spent years developing a personal style that is inseparable from his roots in the Central African Republic. Alongside a mix demonstrating his ancestral soul sound, he speaks to Ria Hylton about his life in music, and the importance of staying true to his creative instincts

When DJ Mag calls up Boddhi Satva on a Friday afternoon at his home in Lisbon, the conversation quickly turns to the history of Afro...

Album of the Month: Boddhi Satva ‘Manifestation’

Boddhi Satva’s latest album is a 31-track, three-hour tour de force that continues his career-long endeavour to connect the African continent through club music

There are few like Boddhi Satva. An ambassador of the most soulful side of African electronic music, the producer, DJ and music mogul has made...