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Can't Live Without

Yusek tells us about his beloved Jupiter 8

“Since becoming the lucky owner of the Roland Jupiter 8, it has become the central piece of my studio. As a crazy synth collector I...

Can't live withoutz

Sona Vabos’s new bouncy house cut ‘Slippin’' is out now on Riva Starr’s Snatch! Records. He also has a spanking new remix collaboration with house...

Korg EMX-1 Drum Machine

“My Korg EMX-1 is something that gives me that particular sound I am known for when I am programming drums and percussion for my tracks...

Shure SM58-Beta Series Microphone

“Whether it’s performing on a big stage with Major Look or MCing in a small underground club, my instrument has always been my voice. The reliability and honesty of the SM58 is acknowledged across the industry.

Focusrite's Forte

“Focusrite’s Forte is ideal for those producers like me who are always on the road, have deadlines to finish and cannot wait to get back into the studio to complete their projects. With the Forte, I can travel and record instruments when and wherever I please just by plugging in.

Top producer's must have kit

"I can't live without my Blackberry Voice Notes Recorder. I don't need to use it, I've got good microphones, and a little handheld digital recorder that I could record things on. And, actually, even the built-in mic on my laptop is probably better quality than my phone, but more and more, I find myself putting a few loops that I've recorded on the shitty, built-in voice recorder into a track, and realising that they make the track, bring it together somehow.

Korg Legacy Collection is Orkidea's must-have kit

“Korg's Legacy collection features the virtual versions of MS-20, Mono/Poly, Wavestation, M1 and Polysix synthesisers — this is my favourite and most used piece of software, not least because of the brilliant MS-20 replica controller that shipped with the first part of the series.

Arp Solina String ensemble Synth

King DJ’s new album 'Let Me See You Feel' is out now on Bearfunk. DJ Mag wanted to know what he Can’t Live Without…

Electro duo on their love for retro synths

Sasha Kojevin and Katya Tiger are hot Russian electro dance duo Tiger Cubes. They can’t live without their retro Soviet keyboards.