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Photo of Clark with ‘Sus Dog’ projected onto his face in futuristic writing

On his latest album, ‘Sus Dog’, Clark has put his singing voice front and centre, mixing his unearthly electronics with compelling songs. Ben Murphy talks to him about maintaining your humanity in a time of artificial intelligence, working with Thom Yorke from Radiohead, and why making music is a form of therapy

“Art becomes more valuable the less easy it is for AI to make a carbon copy of it in two seconds,” says Clark, discussing the...

As dance music culture recovers from the pandemic, artists like Klein, Clark and Afrodeutsche are opening up new frontiers for themselves

“The expectations on musicians are higher than they’ve ever been,” says Chris Clark. “And the payoff is lower than it’s ever been.”The producer and composer...

Exploring the relationship between architecture, experimental music and visual arts

SOPHIE, Mala and British Murder Boys are among the first names announced to play RE—TEXTURED 2020.

Exploring the relationship between modern and industrial architecture...

The "fun new slab" is out on 21st September

Clark has announced details of a new EP, 'E.C.S.T. T.R.A.X.'

Set for release on 21st September, the double A-side will be the first music...