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DESIREE wearing blue eyeshadow and framing her face with her hands in front of a green background

South Africa’s DESIREE has had a meteoric rise over the past few years. Her ear for rhythm, journeying, percussion-filled sets, and passion for a wide variety of African electronic music have created opportunities to woo crowds both at home and abroad. And, following the release of her debut EP last year and launch of party series MMINO, she’s already taking things to the next level

In South Africa, a house-loving nation at the forefront of electronic music culture, DESIREE’s star is rising. Bridging musical traditions that span African percussion, journeying...

Nyege Nyege 2022

Uganda's Nyege Nyege Festival will go ahead this month from 15th to 18th September despite the government calling for it to be stopped, RA reports...