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Perel looks off camera in a leather coat on faded red background

Perel has announced a new album, 'Jesus Was An Alien', which will be released via Kompakt on 13th May. 

You can listen to the title...

On the market for $16 million...

The townhouse in New York City where DFA Records and its recording studios are based is up for sale. 

The townhouse has been the label’s...

His new record 'What Follows' is out now...

Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot returns with his third full length album for DFA Records, entitled 'What Follows'. The 11-track album was conceived and recorded...

James Murphy chats music to RBMA Radio

Here’s a little treat from the RBMA Radio crew, a rather fine mix from Mr James Murphy the DFA co-founder and LCD Soundsystem mastermind charts his life through music:

From Friday's HQ Sessions

London post-industrial trio set for debut album

After releases on indie label Blast First and JD Twitch and JG Wilkes's Optimo label, the trio have signed to hip NYC label DFA for their eponymous debut album.

Exclusive Capracara promo mix to download

After Disco Biscuit's debut residents only party, held early last year in an old office block behind a mosque in East London, went on until...

LCD Soundsystem frontman files lawsuit against DFA partner James Goldsworthy

News has emerged that relations between LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy have hardened, the ex-DFA co-boss demanding $93,899 he's reportedly owed by the partner he set the label up with in 2001.