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Ever since a sudden and unexpected change in career trajectory, Caroline Cecil’s full focus has been on music. That has paid off: While working as WHIPPED CREAM, she’s managed to climb to electronic music’s top rungs in just a few short years. With the release of the new ‘Someone You Can Count On’, along with a journey toward self-discovery, she’s entered what feels like a new phase in her life

Caroline Cecil tends to speak with a near stream-of-consciousness cascade of positivity. She buzzes with wonderment and joy, surprised at where her life has taken...

Lauren Flax: intention is everything

After years of devotion to New York's club scene, Detroit-born Lauren Flax is more passionate than ever, with acid techno tracks to be perfected, causes to be fought, and lives to be saved through her harm reduction initiative. This month, she shares her journey with Bruce Tantum

It’s a Friday night at Brooklyn’s Public Records, and Lauren Flax is in her element. The dancefloor is packed, the room is dark, the fog...