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DJ Sneek

Chicago trio on their b2b2b tour

Three of Chicago's most respected DJs, they're repping real house music harder than ever in an age of commercialisation and corporate EDM. Touring together as Back to Back to Back, we thought it was time to pick their brains about their Chicago beginnings, the switch to digital, the US dance boom — and where they're at now...

The festival has undergone a last minute location change.

The festival has all the ingredients for a superb summer weekender; and as it stands, this organizational glitch has done little to overshadow the excitement in the run up to the event.

Acid Monday's tell us about their first gig

Our first-ever gig as Acid Mondays was at the Zoo Project in Ibiza. We'd played together before loads over the years at various parties, but that was our first official gig.