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Don Letts

New documentary on Don Letts, legendary punk and reggae filmmaker and DJ, to be released next month

A new documentary about British punk and reggae filmmaker, DJ and musician Don Letts is set to be released next month. Watch the trailer for...

"I’ve wanted to work with the Late Night Tales crew from the get-go, we’re talking nearly two decades"

Don Letts, AKA The Rebel Dread, has mixed the next release in the acclaimed Late Night Tales series.

'Version Excursion selected by Don Letts' will...

UK punk legend and iconic dub and reggae DJ Don Letts charts his ultimate Notting Hill Carnival tracks ahead of the annual festivities this weekend

Don Letts is a true legend of UK punk. A filmmaker, musician and DJ, the London-born icon has stood at the helm of the country’s...