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The album concludes a year-long series

Underworld have shared their highly anticipated 'DRIFT Series 1' album.

The album will conclude Underworld's 12-month Drift project, which has seen the duo release new...

The project was previously titled 'Drift Songs'

Underworld will release their new album 'DRIFT Series 1' this week.

Out this Friday (November 1st), the album will also mark the one-year anniversary of...

The legendary duo have also announced the physical release of their ‘DRIFT series 1’ project

Underworld have released a new track and accompanying video entitled 'S T A R'.

Released as part of their ongoing 'DRIFT' series, which has seen them...

The group's 'DRIFT' series continues

Underworld have released a new track called 'Tree and Two Chairs'.

The cut, which comes in at more than 14 minutes, is the latest to...