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Dyson's Bluetooth headphones with built-in air purifier mask have gone on sale

Dyson's Zone headphones that come with a built-in air purifier mask have gone on sale.

The brand first announced the launch of their new Bluetooth...


xMEMS are "reinventing sound" with the first-ever all-silicon headphones.

The US audio start-up have patented their own true MEMS micro-speakers using groundbreaking microelectromechanical systems technology (...

Dyson’s £749 air-purifying bluetooth headphones go on sale in March

Dyson's first-ever headphones now have a UK price point and sale date.

First announced in March, the Dyson Zone noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones will come with...

dyson zone

Dyson has launched their first wearable in the form of new Bluetooth headphones called Zone. The slightly dystopian design is helped by the steel visor...