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Image of vinyl dubplates selections for DJ Mag

10 DJs select their most treasured dubplates, from the original versions of classic tracks to ultra rare cuts forever etched into just a handful of discs

This feature is part of our Record Store Day content series. You can also read our feature on the rise, fall and revivalĀ of UK dubplate...

El-B releases 2009 Burial collaboration, 'Prophecy', digitally for the first time

El-B has digitally released a collaborative track with Burial, which was originally produced in 2009.

Out now on Bandcamp, it marks the first time...

Seminal tracks that altered dance forever

When I put it on, the whole club stood there and stared at me. I was the only one rocking in the DJ box, no one else was, and when the bassline actually dropped, that's when the whole crowd went a bit loopy for it