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eulo cramps

Call Super wearing glasses and holding a blue ruff under their chin. They stare intently at the camera and are basked in a deep blue light against a white backgroumd

As Call Super, the London-born artist Joseph Richmond Seaton has established themself as one of the most consistently thrilling DJs on the underground circuit, using house and techno as a springboard to explore all manner of moods and sounds. As a producer, their albums for fabric's Houndstooth label and Incienso have explored more abstract terrain, and their upcoming fourth LP, 'Eulo Cramps', goes further still. Among the trees in London's Hampstead Heath, they meet Eoin Murray to discuss the journey of introspection that led to its creation, leaving things open to interpretation, and the multitude of selves within us all

There are 8.4 million trees in London. That’s almost one for each of the city’s 8.8 million inhabitants — enough that, by UN standards, it could...