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experimental music

Blue illustration of a pair of headphones with swirling blue soundwaves coming out of either side

More and more artists and listeners are discovering the benefits of ambient music to our mental health. Here, Manu Ekanayake speaks to artists Meemo Comma, Auntie Flo, CLAIR and KMRU about its therapeutic qualities, and learns how one NHS neuroscientist, James Kilner, is using it to help people with anxiety and depression

Fans of ambient music will know that the genre takes its name from Brian Eno’s seminal 1978 album, ‘Ambient 1: Music For Airports’. Meanwhile, the...

New experimental club music night, Ethereal Skies, to launch in Dublin

Dublin is getting a new experimental club night called Ethereal Skies.

The inclusive queer party's first event takes place this Friday, 18th November, at new...

The Portuguese four-dayer is back to celebrate and showcase experimental electronic music 

The line-up for Semibreve festival 2021 has been unveiled ahead of the event's return to Braga, Portugal, between 28th and 31st October. 

Having switched things...

The Shanghai producer has dropped the first track from her debut LP

SVBKVLT has announced the debut album from Hyph11e, 'Aperture'. 

The feted Chinese experimental club label will deliver the Beijing-born, Shanghai-based producer's inaugural LP on 16th...

'Monitress' was created by Jon Leidecker, AKA Wobbly, for Hausu Moutain Records

A symphony has been composed from multiple iPhones by San Francisco multimedia artist Jon Leidecker, AKA Wobbly. 

'Monitress' will land via the Chicago label Hausu...