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First gig

Replacing a cassette loop at Pushca

“My first-ever DJ gig was in 1979, but my first house gig was for Pushca — the rave thing in the ‘90s. It was somewhere in west London. I went to one of the raves and they had this chill-out room that was playing a cassette tape that was just going round and round and round.

DJs look back to their early days

“My first gig was in 1994 at a squatted Salvation Army building opposite Hackney Town Hall on Mare Street. The building was called The Spiky Thing With Curves due to some of the sculptures on display, alongside a cafe and several rooms for bands and DJs. I had a selection of acid house/early hardcore vinyl, mostly acquired from the local Record & Tape Exchange.

Autokratz tells us about their first gig

“Our first ever live show was completely mental. We’d done a single and got booked for this big East End rave in London, so thought we needed a warm-up the day before.

Dub Pistol's front man on his first gig

The first time I got asked to play, I just felt so sick with nerves. Andy Morris was playing there too, and he came to pick me up from home. I took my records down, got to the car, was sick, and took my records back up again. I couldn’t face it. When I did turn up a month or two later when they booked me again, they booked me to play in the chill-out room with Paul Thomas from Kiss.

Tech houser on his first gig!

My first gig was at the age of 17 in a club called Vibration [in Karlsruhe, Germany], where I eventually became a resident after this first gig.

Robosonic's first gig

Robosonic speak about their first gig

Influences and early days!

“Believe it or not, it was 'Just An Illusion' by Imagination on 7"! I'm not showing my age here, but I thought the guys on the cover just looked ridiculous!”