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Giles Smith

Secretsundaze founders Giles Smith and James Priestley announces separation

The duo cited a desire for more creative and professional freedom as a reason for the split

After a remarkable 21-year journey, Giles Smith and James Priestley, the DJ duo behind the popular London party Secretsundaze, have decided to part ways. In...

James Priestley Giles Smith Secretsundaze Hearts Not Hype movie

Diving into the past, present and future of Giles Smith and James Priestley's legendary parties 

A documentary celebrating 20 years of Secretsundaze has been released. You can watch Hearts Not Hype below. The film charts the birth, launch and evolution...

Is wealth and privilege damaging British dance music, and if so, what should we do about it?

WORDS: Matt AnnissPICS: Nicola Nodland & Jillian Edelstein

Since acid house swept the UK 30 years ago and united a generation, British dance has proudly proclaimed its egalitarian credentials. Many believe that the loved up, misty-eyed utopianism...

Secretsundaze announce new dates and tour...

Secretsundaze have just revealed several key dates and names for their 2015 parties in London, kicking off the season with Berghain’s Ryan Elliot and Bristol’s...

The climactic closing party

Having garnered a reputation as one of London's — if not Europe's — leading Sunday day parties, Secretsundaze have lined up two pioneering figures in...

Daytime party to see out summer at Oval Space

Secretsundaze to close summer season at the Oval Space terrace.

For this Sunday's party

This Sunday's secretsundaze party with Amir Alexander and Sven Weisemann has been relocated to Oval Space, in East London.