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Fresh Kicks 175: Thea HD

NTS resident and The Leaf Label A&R Thea HD records mix of glitchy minimal techno, abstract beats and percussive deep house for the Fresh Kicks series, and chats to Eoin Murray about the importance of variety and her lifelong love of percussion

Listen to Leeds-based DJ and The Leaf Label A&R Thea HD’s monthly show on NTS, and you’ll hear everything from country to krautrock: ‘70s...

Luke Solomon’s quirky house sound is as British as buttered toast, and equally tasty.

“I never latch on to one particular trend when it comes to music,” says Luke Solomon. We’re talking about the New Jersey house revival currently pumping energy bubbles into the British underground house scene. And the reason we’re talking about it is because old school New Jersey house, says Luke, is something he loved and lived through the first time round.