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The special edition of the DJ favourite features yellow pads and a retro logo

Sennhesier has released a new version of their iconic HD25 headphones, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the brand. Sennheiser says that anyone who orders...

The HD-25 LIGHT are a more affordable version of the popular DJ cans

Sennheiser have announced a cheaper version of their popular DJ headphones, the HD-25s. The HD-25 LIGHTs cost £87 rather than the £129 of the 25s...

Do SenDo Sennheiser’s new pro DJ headphones, the HD8 DJs, deliver the wow factor?

Sennheiser have been at the top of the heap when it comes to DJ headphones for over 25 years. Their HD25s have won many awards...

25th Anniversary edition up for grabs

Following on from the news of Sennheiser's 25th anniversary edition of the ever popular HD25 headphones DJ Mag is happy to offer a chance to one lucky soul a chance to get in on the birthday celebrations with a chance to win a pair of these most coverted headphones